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Medical Conditions Article

Piedmont Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, P.A. offers effective, proven solutions for complex, chronic and unresolved pain. This pain may be attributed to multiple factors and caused by a number of medical conditions, including:

Non-Cardiac Chest Wall Pain

Relief for Non Cardiac Chest wall pain can be difficult to come by. Quite often a full evaluation is done to rule out cardiac sources of chest pain but if none are found consideration of non cardiac causes can be lacking.

Non Cardiac Chest wall pain refers to chest pain secondary to musculoskeletal or inflammatory causes. The pain may be secondary to a muscle strain in the chest wall itself, or in the back. It may be secondary to sprained ligaments in the neck, mid back, shoulder or chest wall itself. It may be due to nerve entrapment, irritation or to non cardiac vascular sources (such as thoracic outlet syndrome).

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