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Do Hurricanes Make You Hurt?

While it’s obvious that hurricanes can cause massive physical damage, when one is brewing many people complain of increased joint pain, headaches, and painful flare-ups of older injuries.  In fact, when Hurricane Irma recently hit Florida, the Naples News advised their readers to blame the hurricane if they noticed severe headaches and migraines.   It is not uncommon for people who live near or even farther away from the storm to complain of increased musculoskeletal symptoms.

But claims of weather-related pain aren’t confined to hurricane season.  Many people insist they feel aches and pains, including neck, back, and even chronic widespread pain whenever a front is on the way.  At the extremes of temperature (very cold or very hot) the more pronounced this can be.  And that’s why some claim they can predict an approaching storm when they feel pain in one or more joints. You may have an aunt who can forecast stormy weather when her trick knee starts hurting, or a grandmother who says her arthritis always flares up before damp weather.  This is more, much more, then a wives tale.

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Peripheral Neuropathy: What is it and How can you Treat it?

Peripheral Neuropathy | Piedmibt PMR

Peripheral neuropathy is a disease of the nervous system that stems from a variety of causes, most of which are difficult to determine. While most diagnoses are hard to attribute to a single cause, hardening of arteries, diabetes, chemotherapy, and alcoholism are the most common identifiable causes of peripheral neuropathy.  Those suffering from peripheral neuropathy usually complain of tingling, numbness, tightness, hot or cold sensations, and/or pain in the extremities. These symptoms can lead to difficulty with everyday activities, loss of coordination, and unexplained sensations; they generally begin in the lower extremities but symptoms can be present in the hands as well.

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Top Alternatives to Joint Replacement Surgery using Regenerative Medicine

Regnerative Medicine Therapies to Help Join Pain

Regenerative medicine offers a holistic approach to musculoskeletal and related vascular issues. This brings hope to people suffering from joint pain. Invasive measures like surgery and full joint replacement should be seen as last resorts. A great many problems can be effectively addressed using regenerative medicine, and degenerative joint disease is one of the most proven, accepted, and successful in reducing pain and improving function. .

Procedures like Prolotherapy, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy and Stem Cell Therapy are three effective regenerative medicine therapies. However, regenerative medicine also involves addressing the body’s other needs such nutritional support, posture, and muscle imbalance. Without a solid foundation of health and nutrition, these treatments are not optimally effective.

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