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Venous Insufficiency: A Common Cause of Leg Pain

Venous Insufficiency at Piedmont PMR

While most people think of joint disease or injury, muscle, tendon, and ligament strain, or back or leg nerve irritation as the most common causes of leg pan venous insufficiency can also be a common culprit.  Venous insufficiency stems from damage to the valves and the walls of the veins itself. Veins are very elastic (to assist in storing the blood until the heart is ready to pump it) and have special valves that prevent the blood from flowing backwards. When the valves or the vein walls are damaged, blood can pool in the extremities; this almost exclusively occurs in the legs due to the added effect of gravity pulling blood away from the heart. It is characterized by swelling, burning, itching, or skin color changes of the legs. Those affected may also notice their legs feel heavy, tired, restless, or achy.

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The Regenerative Medicine Approach to Treating Osteoarthritis


At Piedmont Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, PA we offer regenerative medicine techniques such as prolotherapy, platelet rich plasma (PRP), and stem cell grafting to provide pain relief. Osteoarthritis the most common form of arthritis, is , Osteoarthritis a degenerative disorder of the joints that occurs when bone-on-bone surfaces become irregular. It can involve any joint but most often affects large joints like the hip or knee and small joints in the fingers Also known as “degenerative joint disease”, Osteoarthritis (OA) can cause joint pain, loss of function, reduced joint motion and deformity. Pain is often the most frequent symptom and generally progresses with the duration of disease. The pain in OA usually worsens with joint use and is relieved by rest.

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Sports Medicine

Sporting events and athletic activity are among the most common reasons that people need to see a doctor. Whether it’s an adult staying active or a child playing sports, injuries often occur when people engage in competitive activities. While many advances have been made in the treatment of sports injuries, still the best way to deal with them is using preventive measures. Stretching, conditioning, warming up, cooling down, and wearing all necessary protective padding are essential to preventing sports injuries from occurring. Additionally, using proper technique, getting adequate rest between active periods, and playing on a well-maintained field can all assist in injury prevention.

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