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More Than One Approach to Back Pain

Posted by on Apr 20, 2014 in Aches & Pains, Blog, Diagnostic Testing, Medical Condition, Treatment Options | 0 comments

There is more than one approach to back pain.  With surgery on one end of the spectrum and physical therapy or chiropractic on the other, many people are looking for something else.  Something more aggressive, but not surgical.   And non-narcotics.  Something that addresses the root cause of the problem and is focused on fixing it.   That is were we fit in.  We offer several proven, successful options.   Log onto for an overview or go directly to Backache...

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Thermal Imaging: Safe and Reliable for Weather Sensitive Pain

Posted by on Apr 13, 2014 in Blog, Complex Chronic Pain, Diagnostic Testing, Medical Condition, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Medical Thermal Imaging is a safe and reliable test that can prove the presence of weather sensitive pain and provide insight into what to do about it.  Learn more about weather sensitive pain at

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Electric Sympathetic Block For Weather Sensitive Pain

Posted by on Apr 6, 2014 in Aches & Pains, Blog, RSD Treatments, Treatment Options | 0 comments

Electric Sympathetic Block  (ESB) has been utilized to treat RSD/CRPS and other weather sensitive pain syndromes for over 20 years at Piedmont Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, PA.  This procedures is usually covered by insurance, is easy to receive, and 50% of patients report 75% or more long term relief.  Call us today for and evaluation...

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This is Different Than Pain Management

Posted by on Apr 3, 2014 in Aches & Pains, Blog, Treatment Options | Comments Off

At Piedmont Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation we are different.   We do other things besides prescribing meds for pain management.  We believe in finding the root cause of your pain and then providing you with the orthopedic and pain management tools that are directed toward getting you well.  Fortunately there are numerous treatment options that are focused on fixing the problem rather then just covering...

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RSD/CRPS Skin Changes Respond to Stem Cell

Posted by on Mar 23, 2014 in Aches & Pains, Blog, Regenerative Medicine, Treatment Options | 0 comments

Autologous Stem Cells (your own cells) can reverse skin color, sweating, and tropic changes that occur with RSD/CRPS.  We have had excellent results with this approach.   It should be considered in patients who have complex, weather sensitive pain that have not discovered...

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RSD With Dystonic Features

Posted by on Mar 17, 2014 in Aches & Pains, Blog, Treatment Options | 0 comments

Several years ago we published on RSD with Dystonic Features.   While it was not widely recognized among RSD experts at that time it is far more accepted now. Botulinum (Botox, Myobloc, etc), sympathetic block, and reducing tension (to quiet the brain stem) can all be effective in treatment.

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Fibromyalgia Success Indicators

Posted by on Mar 8, 2014 in Aches & Pains, Blog, Treatment Options | 0 comments

86% percent of our fibromyalgia patients reported 75% or more reduction in severe exacerbations one year after treatment. At Piedmont Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, PA we can help most fibromyalgia patients improve their quality of

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